After your lash service, keep your lashes dry for 24 hours. Avoid swimming, steam rooms and saunas for 48 hours. Avoid rubbing your eyes.

Do not use facial wipes, and oil or cream based cleansers. Avoid cleansing waters that are moisturizing or with added emollients.

Do not use eyelash curlers. Use a water-based makeup remover

Brush your lashes daily to keep them neat and tidy. Clean your lashes daily with a foaming lash cleanser to remove any facial oil, makeup residue and dirt

To maintain the fullness of your lashes, we recommend a refill very 2-3 weeks. Schedule your next appointment with BGlow.



Do not wear makeup for 24 hours after your treatment

Avoid other facial treatments for 48 hours

For the first 12-24 hours be extra gentle with your skin, avoid exfoliation or perfumed products

Between facials cleanse, tone, moisturize and apply sunscreen on your face daily



• Do not pick, rub, scratch, or use anything abrasive on the eyes
• Do not apply makeup on the eyes for 10-12 days
• No sun exposure, saunas, swimming, or heavy sweating for 10 days
• Avoid eye treatments, or med spa treatments that exfoliate or contacts (AHA, glycolic, lactic) will fade the eyeliner
• Avoid lash extensions or lash serums till after touch up

Do not touch the eyes - can apply ice over clean cloth
The eyes may be swollen, it is a normal reaction.  The swelling should start going down during the day and the eyes should. be looking better by the end of day 2. 
If skin feels very dry by day 3, you can apply a grain size, very thin layer of Aquaphor Healing Ointment with a clean qtip.



• Do not pick, rub, scratch or use anything abrasive on brows
• Do not apply makeup on the brows for 10-12 days
• No sun exposure, saunas, swimming or heavy sweating for two weeks
• No botox, facials, chemical peels for 30 days
• Facials or med spa treatments that exfoliate or contains (AHA, glycolic, lactic) will fade brows
• Use sunscreen to protect brows from fading

Blot the brows as needed to remove lymph
DAY 2-8
Gently wash brows every morning with warm water, anti bacterial soap and clean fingertips in the morning
Apply thin layer of ointment after washing w/clean q-tip twice a day. Make sure brows are dry before applying. **Apply grain size.



• Drink through a straw for the first 5 days
• Apply a cold compress and take Advil to help with swelling and soreness
• Do not pick, rub, scratch, or use anything abrasive on the lips (flaking and scabbing are normal)
• No sun exposure, saunas, swimming, or heavy sweating for 5-7 days
• Make sure to wait up to 6 weeks for complete healing
• Cold sore breakouts can possibly happen

Gently wipe lips w/damp cotton rounds every hour for 4/6 hours to remove any lymph. Then start applying ointment
DAY 1-5
Apply layer of ointment w/lip applicator Keeps lips extremely moisturized.
After every meal gently rinse and clean lips with water. (Pat dry) reapply ointment.